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We lead up. Whether you’re new to IAAP or not, you’ve probably heard the phrase.
As true as it is, it still takes practice.

You produce day-in and day-out, you’re counted on, you’re looking for more; unfortunately, promotions rarely come with the training needed to succeed, especially when it comes to managing people. Whether you are interested in moving into a supervisory role or you’ve already placed yourself in a role that requires a new set of leadership skills, Frontline Leadership is for you. The in-depth development offered during Frontline Leadership will equip you with the skills needed to ensure you and your team succeed. Gain the confidence that comes from experience without the added pressure that comes with on-the-job learning.

Experience this interactive conference with top-level trainers and a group of peers who will no doubt become your invaluable community throughout your career journey.

Through pre- and post- virtual sessions, two-and-a-half powerful in-person learning days, and group sessions with a leadership mentor, you will be empowered to grow in your professional life to fulfill your goals; helping to guide and manage others along the way.

Frontline Leadership is a training experience you won’t forget:

Amazing content delivered by top-level trainers who understand the unique facets of moving from admin to supervisor
Small-group sessions for customized, relevant learning
Pre- and Post- Live Virtual Sessions to ensure you get the most out of this learning opportunity
Real-time feedback from your peers to help find solutions to the challenges you are currently facing
Invaluable networking with not only your peers but also attendees of Frontline Leadership
A leadership mentor to share experiences and guidance from a different perspective

Employers: Do you have a group of high-performing employees you’d like to experience this valuable content?

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This is not your typical “sit and listen” conference. Participation is required, but the payoff is invaluable. There will be time for reflection and personal planning as well. To make sure you receive the most up-to-date information available for Enterprise Leadership, please enter your email address below.

    To make sure you receive the most up-to-date information available for Enterprise Leadership, please enter your email address below.

    Make the commitment to participate in the professional development you want and need, ensuring you thrive in your career instead of survive in your job. It’s time to take your career to the next level — apply today!

    Expand your knowledge and grow in these specific areas:

    • Gain clarity on the role and duties of leadership
    • Understand Adaptive Leadership as a framework for shared power leadership
    • Set vision for self and the team
    • Establish clear expectations
    • Discover the foundations for fostering a high-trust culture
    • Identify the components to establishing and restoring trust
    • Understand the role of Discernment in building credibility as a leader
    • Complete the DiSC® assessment
    • Discover strengths and blind spots of personal communication and behavior style
    • Learn to speak with the communication language of others
    • Discuss different leadership styles and applications through Situational Leadership
    • Explore personal leadership style preferences and their tradeoffs
    • Define and practice Person First Leadership to meet people where they are
    • Distinguish coaching from mentoring
    • Discover foundational principles of coaching
    • Practice essential competencies of coaching including active listening, asking powerful questions, and direct communication
    • Learn strategies for increasing team engagement and ownership
    • Practice operational team responsibilities including delegating, managing projects, and team meetings
    • Apply the skills of coaching to performance management and accountability
    • Practice an effective approach to leading tough conversations with high courage and high consideration

    Learn from amazing faculty Francisco A. Gónima and Dr. Sherry Yellin

    “I attended the Frontline Leadership conference and wow, what a life-changing event! While I am not in a supervisor role, yet, I learned so much that I applied immediately back at my job: better communication skills, different styles of coaching/leadership and how to find my voice. Since attending Frontline Leadership, I am using my voice, more than ever, and I have been with my employer for 10 years! The confidence I gained from attending this conference is at a whole new level for me and the networking with other amazing admins was the cherry on top. For someone who has been shy at my job, and can still be shy around new people, I was reenergized after spending 2 ½ amazing days learning, brainstorming and networking. Sherry and Francisco were engaging, informative and the best! Heck, they even got me to sing on Broadway! If you want to dig deep, find your voice, (even get a little uncomfortable), learn how to lead and gain a ton of confidence then I highly suggest you attend Frontline Leadership! Your employer will thank you, and YOU will thank YOURSELF! “

    Krystal Clay, CAP, Executive Assistant, ONCC (Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation)


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