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Experience this interactive conference with top-level trainers and a group of peers who will no doubt
become your invaluable community throughout your career journey.

The “assistant” role has almost unlimited application; it encompasses many areas of focus for variety and opportunity. The executive assistant role, whether it supports one executive or many, requires a specialized skill set. Being an influencer and leader in the executive space requires negotiation, diplomacy, initiative, and confidence. Many admins move into the role unprepared or ill-equipped to succeed. Enterprise Leadership provides real-world training to not only succeed but thrive. Whether you’re new to the role of EA or you have your sights set on becoming one, this professional development opportunity will position you to be your best.

Through pre- and post- virtual sessions, two-and-a-half powerful in-person learning days, and group sessions with a leadership mentor, you will be empowered to grow in your professional life to fulfill your goals; helping to guide and manage others along the way.

Enterprise Leadership is a training experience you won’t forget:

Amazing content delivered by top-level trainers who understand the unique facets of working in the executive space
Small-group sessions for customized, relevant learning
Pre- and Post- Live Virtual Sessions to ensure you get the most out of this learning opportunity
Real-time feedback from your peers to help find solutions to the challenges you are currently facing
Invaluable networking with not only your peers but also attendees of Frontline Leadership
A leadership mentor to share experiences and guidance from a different perspective

Employers: Do you have a group of high-performing employees you’d like to experience this valuable content?

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This is not your typical “sit and listen” conference. Participation is required, but the payoff is invaluable. There will be time for reflection and personal planning as well. To make sure you receive the most up-to-date information available for Enterprise Leadership, please enter your email address below.

    To make sure you receive the most up-to-date information available for Enterprise Leadership, please enter your email address below.

    Make the commitment to participate in the professional development you want and need, ensuring you thrive in your career instead of survive in your job. It’s time to take your career to the next level — apply today!

    Expand your knowledge and grow in these specific areas:

    • Discover the power of “why”
    • Create vision for self and explore career path
    • Set vision for the team
    • Gain clarity on the role and duties of a strategic executive partner
    • Learn how to self-assess and manage your executive brand presence
    • Practice articulating your executive identity
    • Receive feedback from executive to design an effective strategic partnership
    • Explore the mission, vision, and values of your enterprise and how that shapes the outlook, behaviors and choices of people in the leadership environment
    • Learn to navigate the enterprise landscape including social influences and office politics
    • Discuss ways to show that you embody and champion the enterprise
    • Learn the essentials to influencing those within and beyond your area of authority
    • Gain insight into how influence is built and fostered in order to cultivate your own
    • Understand the spectrum of change management approaches and how to be a positive partner in facilitating organizational change agendas
    • Learn how to use Interest Based Negotiation to resolve conflict and negotiate consensus
    • Integrate emotionally intelligent strategies to improve personal and professional relationships
    • Practice strategies for communicating with purpose and power
    • Receive tips and feedback on public speaking skills
    • Learn to communicate for buy-in and change
    • Explore trending cultural challenges that compromise human dignity
    • Learn the characteristics of inclusive leaders
    • Promote a culture where all members can bring their whole self to work

    Learn from amazing faculty Francisco A. Gónima and Dr. Sherry Yellin

    “Attending the Enterprise Leadership Conference in September 2019 was my first IAAP conference experience and was exceptional to say the least. Today’s webinars and seminars seem to repeat the same tired information time and time again. This training was the breath of fresh air I so desperately needed. Everything was top-notch from the venue to the speakers to the menus to the conference content. I was most impressed when I learned that the subject matter is the same that is provided to high-level executives. It’s frustrating trying to find advanced training to be able to proactively function alongside the executive I support. Being armed with the same level of training they receive is critical. This is that training! The subject matter was taught by people who actually live their work and was spot on for someone with advanced skills seeking to learn more. I also enjoyed learning alongside other seasoned executive assistants who understand what it takes to be a true right arm. Thank you IAAP!”

    Trisha Wiggins, CAP ,Sr. Executive Assistant to the President/CEO, Roland Park Place


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