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As leaders, we need to bring our best selves to the table each and every day.
We need to work hard to achieve our goals, both personally and on behalf of our organizations.

Obviously, IAAP is passionate about leadership. We have an entire arm of education dedicated to it: the Academy for Leadership Development. And as leaders, we need to bring our best selves to the table each and every day. We need to work hard to achieve our goals, both personally and on behalf of our organizations. But sometimes that’s difficult. Life can get in the way.

That’s where a coach comes in. A coach provides a straighter line to get you from where you are to where you want to be. They bring a fresh and unbiased perspective; helping to illuminate your strengths, blind spots, and gaps; then work with you to close gaps and achieve your goals.

According to a study by the International Coaching Federation, 70% of coachees state they benefited from increased work performance after coaching. It also noted that 86% of employers who paid for coaching for an employee recouped their investment.

Read What Your Peers Are Saying About Coaching

My coaching sessions left a big impression upon me. She has armed me with tools to really step up and take on more of a leadership role in my career and organization. With coaching, motivation and encouragement I started an Administrative Support Team (AST) last year, of which I am the team lead, at SHRM which focuses on more collaboration amongst some 15-18 administrative professionals. This group now does team building and professional development together, we meet monthly and we work more closely with one another to be more efficient and effective for our executives and organization.

Erica Banner, CAP, OM, PM

Executive Assistant, SHRM

My individual coaching sessions have been a game changer. My coach has helped me see the bigger picture and work on identifying areas I need to work and focus on to be the best version of me I can be, both personally and professionally. My coach has helped me become a stronger partner with my manager, and step outside my comfort zone to embrace new challenges. If you’re ready to elevate your career to the next level and want to identify the roadblocks, I highly recommend working with a coach.

Michele Kester, CAP, MEP, OM, PM

Sr. Business Unit Associate, AARP

Coaching is invaluable as an administrative assistant. I am a graduate of the Leadership Academy class of 2015. Since being coached, I have seen both my career and confidence improve. I now serve as the Executive Assistant to my executive, who has allowed me to flourish in the position.

Monica Mickle

Executive Assistant, Mount Canaan Baptist Church

Coaching from IAAP has done wonders for my career. Without coaching I would have not gone back to school to complete my degree. I just kept putting the degree thing off year after year. Coaching also helped me make the move out of the administrative world to an operational planning role. Switching gears after twenty years of being an administrative assistant was a hard and scary decision. Having a coach that I could bounce ideas off and offered support and encouragement was a huge factor. I have been in my new position for 4 months and I love my new job. I have not conquered all aspects, but I am happy and enjoy the challenge. I owe a great deal of thanks to IAAP for the support I received.

Lisa Stuart

Executive Operational Planning Advisor, USAA

It is always difficult to find someone who you can talk to and understands and my coach was phenomenal. She quickly picked up from my peer reviews I had two issues to address; enabling and delegating. She made me realize I could turn both items into a learning experience for both me and the recipient. Since my Leadership Academy days, I have become an incredible teacher and have moved on to learn more and to teach more.

Mary Madick, CAP, OM

Administrative Officer, Kansas City, MO Fire Department

From my perspective, the coaching I received through Leadership Academy has been the most transformative part of my education so far – including any portion of my MBA. I owe being a more effective leader, learner, and business partner to my coaches.

Dierdre Crowl, CAP, OM

Pursuit Manager, Transportation Market, KCI Technologies, Inc.

I have found the one-on-one coaching sessions very valuable. The in-depth look into my skills and development helped me to identify my strengths and work on developing my opportunities in my administrative professional career. Since 2015, I have continued my educational development and completed the required education for my Organizational Management (OM) certificate (in 2017) and my Technology Applications (TA) certificate this past March. Having this opportunity to receive coaching made me feel valued, respected, and appreciated. I recommend all administrative professionals to take advantage of IAAP’s coaching programs.

Amy McNulty, CAP, OM, TA, PACE

Executive Assistant, Capital One

My coach was fantastic! He made himself available to me and gave me great coaching advice both professionally and personally. Which in turn boosted my confidence and I became more assertive in my role. And of course, it affected my personal life too especially on the Boards that I participate in and other non-profit meetings, events and activities. The entire Leadership Academy was certainly life changing for me, and I highly recommend the new Foundations of Leadership to everyone. And be careful! You may grow exponentially – in a positive way!

Rhonda Schenk, CAP, MEP, OM

Chief Executive Assistant, Flanders, Inc.

Meet the Coaches

Danielle Adams

Danielle N. Adams, founder and CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) at QueenSuite LLC, a global personal development company dedicated to educating, inspiring and empowering professionals to create their ideal lives. She is committed to helping professionals all over the world experience confidence, happiness, success, balance and freedom in business and in life. Through training, coaching and mentoring, Danielle teaches professionals how to transform their mindset so that they can live powerfully and reach their big goals faster than they ever thought possible. She is a certified professional coach, trainer, facilitator, business and career writer, podcast host, and public speaker who hails from the Jersey Shore and has been a proud resident of the Lehigh Valley since 2007. Her areas of concentration in her coaching practice are leadership potential and business and career development with professionals, and she was recognized by NJ State Assembly Resolution as an esteemed member of her community.

Lance Blakley

Lance’s background in healthcare segued perfectly into professional coaching. He is an ICF Certified Coach, Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, and Brain Health Coach Certified. As the Director of Operations for The Learning Connection, he values drive, determination, and initiative and provides world-class coaching to each and every client. He has been a workshop facilitator for several organizations of executive leaders and high potentials and has been a lead coach for over 50 leaders.

Sabrina Smith

Sabrina Smith, the Founder and CEO of Progeny1, brings 22 years of leadership and training to support frontline leaders. She is a passionate and “edutaining” leader (think educating + entertaining), professional coach, speaker, and corporate trainer. Sabrina believes that people perform best when they have the knowledge, tools, ability, and support to accomplish their goals. She specializes in many areas of training including diversity and inclusion, customer service, sales, team development, coaching, and more. She has shared her expertise with large corporations such as U.S. Cellular, DIRECTV, Ameritech, and Equifax. Her personal growth journey taught her that when you foster an environment of transparency and trust, you transform minds; and transformed minds, transform performance. Sabrina is a graduate of Lewis University in Romeoville, Ill. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, trying out a new recipe, and watching classic films.

Tara Hughes-Womack

Tara Hughes-Womack is a professional career development coach and currently owns and manages her own career development company, THW Coaching, LLC. Tara received her training at Coach Academy International, and is also Dare to Lead™ Trained. She works with clients, helping them set goals, build skills and learn through individual and group sessions. Tara provides clients with dedicated space and time as they work towards maximizing their potential. The results often further career opportunities, increase confidence/self-esteem, and better manage work/life balance challenges. Tara is committed to helping clients transform their lives by closing the gap between where her clients are and where they want to be.

So you’re convinced coaching is what you need to get you to the next level in your career. With call packages ranging from bi-weekly/3-month to weekly/12-month and monthly and in-total payment options, there is sure to be an option to fit your schedule and budget.

Here is how to make that happen!

Step 1 – Select up to two coaches you would like to learn more about.
Step 2 – Fill out this form to schedule a free 30-minute discovery call with each one.
Step 3 – Coordinate a call with each coach within a two-week time period.
Step 4 – Receive an email from IAAP following the discovery call(s) with the bundle options available for purchase.
Step 5 – Complete some paperwork and schedule your first coaching call