What is IAAP Frontline Leadership?

A brand-new, wholly unique offering designed for those who serve in a supervisory role, Frontline Leadership is focused training on your people-developing skills and self-care tips.

Managing people may be the most challenging aspect of your role, but it can be the most rewarding. And when it comes to retaining talent for your organization, it's the most important. According to a survey by Gallup, 75% of the reasons people leave an organization are issues managers can influence.

Skills like coaching, leadership, advocating, and EQ are invaluable in your role as a supervisor or manager. That's where IAAP's Academy for Leadership Development: Frontline Leadership comes in.

Frontline Leadership is two and a half unforgettable days like you've never experienced before:

  • Amazing content delivered by top-level trainers who understand the unique facets of the admin role
  • Small-group sessions for customized, relevant learning
  • Real-time feedback from your peers to help find solutions to the challenges you are currently facing
  • Invaluable networking with not only your peers but also attendees of Enterprise Leadership

This is not your typical "sit, face forward, and soak" conference. Participation is required, and the payoff will be invaluable. However, there will be time for reflection and personal planning as well.

Frontline Leadership is exclusively for those in a supervisory role or aspire to be and offers a limited number of spaces.

Interested parties must apply and be accepted to attend.

Make the commitment to participate in the professional development you want and need, ensuring you thrive in your career instead of survive in your job. It’s time to take your career to the next level - apply today!

We are not providing a specific agenda for each day of the conference, only start and end times. Why, you may ask? Because agendas give us comfort. They make us feel safe. They let us know what’s coming next and how to prepare. But when is your job, or even life, ever like that? Frontline Leadership is about encouraging you to take risks and yes, even making you feel a little uncomfortable. Because that is where greatness happens.


Corporate Group Discounts are available!
*The application requires a Letter of Reference from your supervisor detailing your supervisory responsibilities.
If you are aspiring to be in a supervisory role, please upload a letter detailing your goals and desired timeline.

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